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Glass Types

Glass Types

Clear float glass is a standard clear glass available in a range of thicknesses. It can be customised to your requirements by applying different glass services to the glass. With our customisation ability, you can choose to apply glass processing to make clear float glass whatever you require.

Available in: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 15mm.

Toughened Laminated glass can be defined as two pieces of toughened glass bonded together with a film interlayer of either PVB or Sentry Glass, that bonds the glass to the interlayer when impacted, preventing the glass from breaking away from itself.

The interlayer acts as a natural insulator, reducing the noise output dramatically and can be used in situations where there is excess noise from roads, rail, air traffic and also where impact protection and increased levels of safety is required.

Examples where toughened laminated panels are installed is overhead glazing, high level balustrades and areas of high traffic such as train station and shopping centres.

Toughened safety glass, also known is tempered glass, has been heat treated and is designed to fracture into small fragments when broken rather than shattering into sharp shards.

Toughened glass has higher physical and thermal properties than annealed glass and is used where safety, strength and thermal resistance are of critical importance, for example splashbacks, showerscreens, balustrades, etc.

The Edge Glass can supply mirrors to your specification, or alternately we can take care of the job from start to finish – on site measure up, cut the glass to your requirements and install.

If a mirror is used in splashback applications this is a different product (one that is able to be toughened). Standard mirrors cannot be used as a splashback behind gas cook tops as they do not meet AS2208 and Gas Code requirements.


  • Silver mirror: 4mm & 6mm
  • Grey mirror: 4mm & 6mm
  • Bronze mirror: 4mm & 6mm
  • Silver vinyl back safety mirror: 4mm

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